We believe in better online sales

Sales as a service creating value for buyer and seller

Why are we here?

We think self service sucks. Particularly for business buyers who just want to get the right stuff.

And lots of salespeople suck too. Its not all about commission.

As a customer do you feel like you get caught between salespeople that are self serving and then serving yourself? Want to buy with confidence but don't have time or desire to become an expert? Want to know what you don't know? Make your purchase like a pro?

As a vendor, do you want to be able to advise? Use your expertise to add value and differentiate from the competition? Make sure your customers get great value and return.

We have been innovating in e-commerce and selling products online since 2003. And we are changing things.

Our mission

To bring to customers the products they want and need.

Asking the right questions to make an informed decision.

Creating value for customers so that sellers will be paid to do it.

And doing all this online, delivering what we call 'Sales as a Service'.


15 years combining technology development and online product sales. Innovators in B2B e-commerce software. Our business has sold over 5 million items. We have first hand experience.

We adopted live chat in 2005, and we have seen its power when used well, and seen the results when used badly!

We are students of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Sales Process and Influence.


We design pragmatic business solutions that work. Select the right technologies that together will achieve the business goals. Correctly identify customer needs and preferences, give specific tailored advice, recommend products and then minimise the friction to purchase. Our goal is to create value for both customer and supplier.

AMO is developed and supported in the UK. We work with companies selling B2B. We deliver enterprise features and scale-ability to the corporate and SME markets.

Software, practical advice, implementation help.

About Us

Moves customers away from selection based on price and back to value. Long overdue in our industry.
— Philip Lawson, CEO BOSS Federation
Very clever. I would certainly see it as a value add that would set a supplier apart in a tender process.
— Nick Worrall, Procurement, InHealth

About Us

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