Delivering your digital salesperson

Our simple and powerful method to ensure successful implementation

The role of the digital salesperson is to make sure all the right sales happen. When a customer needs your product, it is the job of the digital salesperson to make sure the sale takes place, and that the customer orders the optimum product to meet their needs.

Your Products

Your products

We always start with your products - after all that is what we want to sell!

In particular we look at:

  • Data structure
  • Groups and tagging
  • Unique properties
  • Connections and dependencies
Potential Customers

Potential customers

We learn about the typical needs and preferences that your customers express.

Then we focus on the other information you need to collect. Often details that customers don't think about but which are important when choosing the best items.

We assemble the qualification dialogues.

Build The Proposal & Close

Build the proposal & close

We establish how to match solutions with needs through the product data and any other relevant sources. 

Our process allows for a needs summary, and we learn how best to position the solution to the customer, and ask for the order.

Three phase delivery

We adopt a three phase delivery process to provide maximum flexibility to our clients.

Three phase delivery


This first phase is all about gathering. We understand your sales processes, your data infrastructure and your priorities for the digital salesperson.

Typically we will spend 15% of the total project time on this stage. We prepare a detailed project plan and final costings for approval.

Training & implementation

Training AMO, any API connections or data loads and finally connecting the instance to your website for final testing.

This block of work is typically 75% of the project.


We make minor changes to dialogue or process flows based on user feedback to tune the results and grow sales.

We may also  add additional engagement triggers or further product ranges to extend the range of AMO conversation.