AMO Technologies

AMO as a technology is best understood by using it. If you haven't tried it yet, let AMO help you on this site or alternatively experience its benefits at our demonstration site Interested in what goes into a digital salesperson? Some of our technologies are set out below.

Ease of Deployment

Drop-in script to existing E-Commerce

Zero coding or integration required

Rapid SaaS deployment



Supports multiple behaviours per site

Tailor for particular subject or products

Base knowledge for "instant-on"

Prompt and explain

Single click responses

In line pop up explainers

Full underlying page control

Scalability and Security

Massively scalable architecture

Multi-tenant, multi-context

Private customer data stores

Customer Experience

Multi-dimensional user interface (UX)

Text and image prompts

Direct dialog to basket commands

Machine Learning

Learns customer preferences

Avoids repetitive questions

Analytics for context improvements



Client API

Ease of extending functionality

Conversation triggered events

Event triggered conversations


AMO is the framework

Minimum moving parts

Context centred architecture

Dialog Management

"Stays-on-track" process driven flow

Handles disruptions and inquisitions

Pre-built library for "instant-on"

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We also have a demonstration site available at or contact us below for a chat.