'Traditional sales' faces new challenges

It is harder than ever before to meet with prospects. Meetings' purposes are changing. Online research is the new normal, and first engagement is digital - live chat being the leading channel for over 5 years. Many buyers prefer to order without human contact.

Closed doors

Responding to this new age, sellers are advised to:

  • Ensure marketing content and product data is informative and searchable
  • Understand and manage the quality of customer interaction in digital channels
  • Automate repetitive tasks like prospect qualification or need/solution mapping
  • Focus staff on relationships, areas of judgement, navigating complex customers

Leading organisations are taking new opportunities to influence. Moving online with dialogue to understand customer needs and providing bespoke advice at the point of purchase. Solutions are configured online. Custom build items are designed.

Digital marketing is now complemented by online chat which, if well managed, builds revenues in the growing online markets. Many tasks of salespeople can be automated and delivered through advanced software in these digital channels, building scale, improving quality and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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Open doors

How we can help

Live chat is today's critical channel to deliver customer satisfaction and drive sales. And it continues to grow in importance. We work in three areas:

  1. Understand current live chat performance
  2. Improve effectiveness and efficiency of chats
  3. Automate part or all of live chat delivery

Understand current live chat performance

To understand performance you need to do more than score!

Most live chat software ships with an array of statistical measures built in. None of these tell you what the customer asked for and whether your agent responded well.

We will analyse the conversations between customer and agent to reveal insights like:

  • Why the customer engaged
  • The sentiment through the dialogue
  • Whether the agent recommended any products
  • Was a sales close attempted and completed

When you know what your agents are chatting about, you can decide where to prioritise improvement.

Optimise efficiency and effectiveness of chat

We will discuss with you the sales approach that your experience has shown to be the best. We will then take the 'real world' process of needs analysis and solution recommendation and translate into effective digital approaches, structuring efficient and effective dialogue for your agents to use.

We can further assist with how to track results and make meaningful attribution of sales between agents to measure and drive performance.

We can also help you identify sales opportunities that are not being taken and incorporate triggers to enquire of customers.

Automate part or all of the dialogue

Best practice sales conversations follow the same track whether delivered through people or through software. Once the process is defined, automation is a natural extension. It delivers many benefits beyond mere cost reduction.

Through automation you can achieve:

  • Scalable and 24/7 available sales resources
  • Consistent, accurate and fast responses
  • Immediate advice on complex products or solution configuration

We help our Clients move from their current to desired state, whatever the starting point. This may mean pre-automation work like bringing systems, processes and data capabilities up to class leading standards in preparation for and to enable automation.

The 5 Pillars of Automation

To successfully deliver to customers sales process through software, an organisation must be competent in 5 areas. We describe these as the 5 Pillars of Automation:

  • People – Understanding what qualified prospects need/are looking to achieve
  • Product – Data that sets out the attributes of products and inter-relations
  • Process – Getting prospects to share needs; Connecting needs with product/solution
  • Platform – Systems, infrastructure and culture to drive an ongoing sales automation programme
  • Practice – Expertise to create the Platform and harness People, Process and Product to deliver automation

Platform and Services

Our background is many years of selling products online. Our focus is automation. We have developed the software and services needed to analyse, optimise and automate live chat.


We take the transcripts from your live chat system and use our proprietary tools to define and summarise the conversation content. You could think of this as natural language processing on a bulk scale!

We deliver to you an analysis of what is actually being said across your live chats, identifying why customers are engaging and what your agents are achieving.


We use our experience of how to distill best practice to review the current state.

We deliver to you documented best practice processes and a gap analysis to help you act.


The AMO Platform consists a user interface and management console and is the vehicle through which we deploy to Client websites.

The UI utilises 'chat' best practices to run the dialogue with the customer via a prompt based methodology. This provides the optimum balance for a sales conversation.

The management console provides sales management capabilities including real time 'listen in' plus statistical insights into conversation history.

We deliver Services around the AMO platform to create the 5 Pillars of Automation. We do this in three phases: Discovery, Build and Automation Optimisation.

In the Discovery Phase we assess how to automate sales through People, Product and Process. Included is a review of Client Platform readiness. We recommend deliverables that are achievable noting the budget, timeframe and existing capabilities. Once agreed, we prepare a detailed scope of work and working estimate of costs. The discovery phase is typically 15% of the project.

The Discovery Phase can re-use elements of the work undertaken if we have conducted Analysis and Optimisation work previously.

The Build Phase is split into two main areas: Platform and Training.

Platform services get Clients ready to automate. We prepare systems, data and people.

Training involves configuring our AMO software to work on the Clients Platform to deliver sales automation. This is a cross function project involving:

  • Sales - process and language when communicating with customers
  • Marketing - consistency with the brand
  • Operations - product data and CPQ
  • E-commerce - using website product data, content pages, checkout etc to enable seamless interaction.

Through the Automation Optimisation Phase we monitor and evaluate interactions to tune all aspects of the performance of the digital salesperson.

Read more about our Automation Implementation process


The AMO platform was developed from real world experience: over a decade as a B2B reseller of complex products, operating a multi-channel sales model. We have witnessed first hand the evolution of buyer preferences and behaviour. We have walked in your shoes.

We have delivered numerous automation projects: leading edge IT to challenging legacy environments; dynamic modern teams to underskilled 'we have always done it that way' organisations; curious and exploratory customer audiences to the conservative. Our experience enables us to diagnose accurately and give pragmatic and realistic advice.

There are many things we dont do. We dont build websites, do SEO, create content, do digital marketing and many more. We just analyse and automate sales conversations in B2B environments.

We have proven results. We have a portfolio of case studies. If we cant help, we will tell you.


Whatever your state of business or your precise objective, if you are interested in automated sales you should talk to us at AMO.

We won't propose a solution until we understand your real needs.

Try AMO dialogue for yourself. Get in touch for a conversation about your needs and learn more about how we can help.