A new opportunity arises

About us and why we created AMO


Every business needs sales to succeed. Increasing capacity to make sales builds the business opportunity. Digital channels have added capacity for such growth.

Adding new channels has other consequences. It diversifies and so reduces risks. It also dilutes the concentration of buyers - there is a new place to 'hang out'. It introduces new activities requiring competence.

Like or loath the change, it is time to embrace the opportunity: Marshal knowledge, skills and experience and apply them to this new situation.

For the team at AMO, our mindset is to break out of traditional thinking and to look at things in a new way. Our task is to take the best of what existed before and apply it to a new situation with new opportunities.

Sales is a process - countless books prove that! Since the first industrial revolution, repetitive processes generating high value but incurring high cost have been the targets for automation. This brings freedom from the constraints of people - cost, availability, quality, speed. Automation helps us maximise our opportunity.

At AMO our sole focus is to grow opportunity through automating sales in digital channels. That is why we are here. Let us show you the way.

Our Journey

The team at AMO is rooted in technology, in operations and in e-commerce. Early adopters and innovators with the curiosity to explore situations. Participants in the first phase of development of digital channels.

We have observered the power of marketing and the rise in online serve yourself.

The role of a salesperson to educate has been largely subsumed by the ability to research provided by the Internet. But we wrongly ascribe this behaviour with a desire on behalf of the buyer to know or to find out. Research provides reassurance that a good choice is being made. It is the rational test that follows the emotional decision to purchase.

There are two drivers for the rise in self service. Firstly the novelty and the pleasure of interaction with technology - just observe response to Alexa, Echo, Siri etc. Second the number of bad sales people - ill informed, badly trained, self interested. So self serve makes sense at home where time and choice is free.

Not so at work where assigned tasks must be completed in the shortest time. The value of reassurance is enhanced but the complexity makes it harder to to know you are getting the right stuff. So for business, self service sucks.

As a vendor, do you want to be able to advise? Use your expertise to add value and differentiate from the competition? Make sure your customers get great value and return. That is the role of sales.

And individuals still enjoy and seek the interaction with technology.

These factors together create the demand for a digital salesperson.

Moves customers away from selection based on price and back to value. Long overdue in our industry.
— Philip Lawson, CEO BOSS Federation

Our mission

To bring to customers the products they want and need, reliably, quickly and easily.

Asking the right questions to make an informed decision.

Creating value for customers so that sellers will be paid to do it.

And doing all this online, delivering what we call 'Sales as a Service'.

Very clever. I would certainly see it as a value add that would set a supplier apart in a tender process.
— Nick Worrall, Procurement, InHealth


15 years combining technology development and online product sales. Innovators in B2B e-commerce software. Our business has sold over 5 million items. We have first hand experience.

We adopted live chat in 2005, and we have seen its power when used well, and seen the results when used badly!

We are students of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Sales Process and Influence.



We design pragmatic business solutions that work. Select the right technologies that together will achieve the business goals. Correctly identify customer needs and preferences, give specific tailored advice, recommend products and then minimise the friction to purchase. Our goal is to create value for both customer and supplier.

AMO is developed and supported in the UK. We work with companies selling B2B. We deliver enterprise features and scale-ability to the corporate and SME markets.

Software, practical advice, implementation help.