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Don't let Amazon eat your lunch

5 ways to be competitive with Amazon and survive.
Plus enjoy life and thrive

The best way to compete with Amazon is by avoiding the battle. The trouble is, escaping it is getting harder and harder each day. The gorilla that wants to sell everything to everyone is already an unavoidable blot on the retail and business landscape for many companies.

Kid yourself you are joining forces? Chosen to sell through their channel or "marketplace" as they so fondly describe it? A lure for the weak and vulnerable. Easy pickings for your competitors and Amazon themselves as they pick off the most profitable areas to assimilate into the mothership. They should rebrand it "coming soon from Amazon direct"

Are you a manufacturer, taking advantage of this new route to market? Saying thank you for the additional volume? Be fully aware that this will come with a heavy price. At best it will introduce chaos in your distribution model.

Take note of price comparison and how that has devalued the power of brands. Amazon and their pseudo-marketplace will do the same to you unless you find a way to fight back.

So what are your options? Don’t like the game? Change the rules. Find a way to disrupt.

Remember most of all Amazon is just two ingredients: marketing and logistics. Are you a product company, or are you an expert? What is unique to you that will be hard to copy in scale?

  1. If you’re niche you are in luck. Most "people also bought" fake advice starts to become a little less powerful.
  2. Sell a dazzling array of products. Check out just how many sizes and variations of packaging boxes you can buy!
  3. Have stand out expertise? Make sure you use it. Do better than those useless reviews …“It arrived on time so 5*. I intend to open the box next week”.
  4. Sell a complex product that needs some knowledge to buy. Wahoo. Now we are really cooking on gas...
  5. Even better still – there is more than one way of solving this problem. Doing it wrong costs ££££ whilst getting it right is £. Open the door to knowledge = savings.

That’s all fine and good I hear you say, these are viable competitive strategies against that monster coming over the hill. But these products are hard to sell online. And you promised I would thrive!

The thing that all these items have in common? The very thing that makes them tough for Amazon. They are all ugly when it comes to self-service. Just take packaging. I’m sending a parcel, what do I need….size, strength, void fill, wrapping, labels etc etc. But easy if you know how. And that’s where AMO fits in.