Frictionless customer experience

AMO is a feature rich platform offering a pleasant, easy to use and fast experience to customers. But it doesn't stop there. AMO is designed with every company in mind. Fast to train and quick to deploy to an existing e-commerce platform makes it easy to bring AMO on the team.



The first step in any chat is saying Hi. We offer you choices for getting the dialogue with AMO started.

  • On demand - click to start
  • Direct link embedded in text
  • Using specified search terms
  • User behaviour
  • Time delimited

However you chose to begin, greetings need not be repetitive and can be customised to user. AMO is loaded by page, and each instance carries its own rules of engagement, subject and dialogue


In conversation

Conversation begins with the customer's needs and preferences. Questions gather pertinent information to provide advice. The customer is informed and prompted by words and pictures. Choices are made with a single tap or click.

The rich text and image content of the AMO dialogue complements the website content which can be called to elaborate as needed.

Questions are dynamically generated to allow for uncertainty or deferral - don't know can be a common response!

A full picture is formed before the solution is proposed and sold to the customer.


Quality service

Quality shows every day in every way.

AMO is responsive giving immediate service 24/7 including peak times and out of hours. There is no waiting in line whatever the demand.

Every customer, on every day, receives the same consistent service ensuring predictable results.

Going global? Localise your sales into multiple languages and cross time zones with ease, whilst ensuring you stay in complete control of how you are represented by you sales team.



AMO is trained to engage in a 'closed domain' meaning we train it about your products and how they should be sold.

We teach a framework of rules - how to identify the next question to ask. We provide libraries of questions that can be used.

Teaching AMO to use your sales process can be achieved quickly without the need for extensive resources or historical data.



As a cloud solution, AMO joins your web pages by a simple drop-in script. Multiple AMO personalities can operate on your site. Unique pages can include expertise in specific product categories and solutions as needed.

The AMO API enables rich integration - enhance the customer experience by taking customers to specific product pages, or add recommended items directly to their basket all from within the conversation.



AMO reflects our deep expertise of how users prefer to interact when online. We do the hard stuff so it is simple and easy for your customers: a tap or click is all that is needed to give an instruction.

Architected for scale, AMO utilises real time communications, handled in the cloud at an endpoint dedicated to you. You benefit from optimum security and no impact on performance of the existing site.

See how to deliver better online sales. Try AMO now. We also have a demonstration site available at or contact us below for a chat.