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Are your sales people know it alls?

People buy for their reasons. Buying is based on emotion not fact

Most of the time this is true. So to make a sale, you probably don’t need to know a whole load about the products you sell. Connect the customer’s need with what you appear to be offering and make them feel comfortable enough, then chances are they will place an order.

So the primary needs for successful selling are communication, problem solving and influence - not technical or product knowledge. So salespeople do not really need to be product experts.

Getting orders and keeping customers

However, to bring value and to satisfy the customer, particularly in B2B space, it is actually a bit more complicated.

In some industries pre-sales is sophisticated. Rigorous quantitative questioning. What are you actually trying to do? How will it work? What do you actually need? Can we specify it correctly?

This works when the ticket price is high enough – but what about the rest of the time?

That’s where you website comes in – Yes? But now your customer is self-serving, and you are exposed. There are a series of risks that will lead the customer’s purchase elsewhere.

Phone and "live chat" complements most websites. Trouble is these folks cost money and they may not realise or accept they are really in sales. Plus their knowledge is limited, their methods vary and experience may not count for much...

So what’s the best way to complement Salespeople to maximise orders?

Your field sales or possibly your marketing has captured the emotional desire of the customer to do business with you and they are at your website. Now you need to close the sale – specify product, meet the need, cement the sale, and satisfy the customer. Done on demand for each customer visit.

The answer seems self-evident: technology created the website – let technology bring the selling. Extend your sales process into the online environment and deliver 24x7. Seem obvious?

All you need to do it make it happen: an online dialogue where you bring product expertise, help clarify need and choose solution, and provide the impetus to capture the order. That’s selling online.

Sound like sci-fi? Not any more. Make a date with AMO.ai.