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Bagging buyers

Location, location, location is all about bagging the right buyers; and that has equal success when it comes to business marketing. Companies invest considerable sums in direct ad placement - whether PPC or SEO optimisation to fill the sales funnel.

So why why why, when prospects are actually visiting your website do we drop them in the middle of nowhere to try and navigate their way around the twists and turns of your website.

We wouldn't treat them like that face-to-face! Look at your best salespeople. They've been trained in Maxsacks, SPIN, MEDDIC, Miller-Heiman, Value Selling, Solution Selling, Command Selling, Challenger Sale or Sandler Selling System – they all have one common theme - successful selling is all about process, process, process; and the great salespeople do just that, day-in day-out.

But your best can't be everywhere, they need to be productive.

Wouldn't it be great if you could clone them?
Not possible, nor legal, I'm afraid!

However, there is one way you could bring their expertise to the fore, by using a digital sales agent - to guide and qualify leads directly online through the power and empathy of dialogue, thus enabling your best salespeople to focus on real leads further down the funnel that are profitable.