/ Dialogue (Conversation and Chat)

A picture may be worth a thousand words... but dialogue makes for a real deal

It has been a big week for continental Europe. Their world rocks on a knife-edge as their excellencies (leaders) prepare to protect and seek to preserve lifestyles that are no longer based on value creation. Meanwhile, the UK takes a different path. To talk, to trade, and to triumph.

Putting politics aside for a moment: the world of business is about sharing. Understanding what others are trying to do, how we can help, and also how we can be helped.

So why has buying products online become self-service? At what point did it become OK to dispense with dialogue, guess the goal or to interpret without interaction.

In the business world, this sucks. Life is too short, and products too complicated. Which is best? Will it work? How do I justify? Who to talk to? Where can I get advice? Have I made the best decision?

Do buyers really want to self-serve? How did we get here? Why does it continue?

Stop, too many questions. But the answer is simple – we have lives.

We consume content, we watch video and we shop. We expect the supplier to present to persuade and to personalise their goods so that we as individuals can choose. Our expectations are framed by our personal time. It creates the norm. But in business, we are not alone. We work together, we are accountable, and there are consequences.

In business, things can be complicated. Much we do not know. That is why we form partnerships. Why we rely on others. Why we form teams. Is procuring product so different? I say no.

I believe supply is to create value. To fulfil a purpose to a wider goal. To achieve that the consumer and the buyer should interact. To get in conversation and find the best outcome. This way they create more. The win:win.

Business, as with life is not about price, it is about value. If you agree and want to have a deeper and more valuable relationship with your customers, whatever you supply them, please get in touch. rich@amo.ai