Can I use this with my existing e-commerce investments?

AMO is designed to work with your existing e-commerce investments. We aim to complement and extend the functionality. The specific areas that we seek to add value are when a dialogue would be beneficial for a mutual exchange of information, which is simply not possible on static web pages.

How does it work?

Think of it as hiring a new employee. You have hired the new joiner because of skills and experience that they bring, and you need to induct them into your business by explaining where things are and how you do things. Its basically the same with AMO. The more you tell it, the more it can do. Plus over time it finds out things for itself.

How long does it take to train?

That depends! If you have a pre-documented set of processes that you would use to induct a person doing the same job, then not long at all. If not, don't worry we can help you create that. As a bonus you will gain a set of processes that you can refine and improve over time, making your whole business better.

How do you know it increases sales?

WebChat has a 15 year track record. Every business is different, but as a benchmark WebChat has delivered 5x conversion rates and a 30% uplift in basket size. AMO uses webchat process.

Our findings at our existing customers are that when things get complicated, AMO is a really valuable addition to the sales force. What this means is that your employees will be freed up to get on with other activities that can make you money, whilst the repetitive activities are taken care of.

Why should I use this over an outsourced Chat service?

At the end of the day you can use people to do what machines do, but history says that doesn't last for long. Whether you look back to the mechanical loom of 18th Century Britain, to the JCB moving earth through the 20th, or to the computer and internet today, what you find is that a good machine is typically faster, better and cheaper than a person at achieving a repetitive task.

Is this not just a chatbot?

No. AMO goes well beyond a simple question/answer situation. It can handle conversational loops and return to the original flow, it can lead a dialogue or respond. It can do much more than simply tell you what the weather will be like today, or whether you have any meetings in your diary.

How do you charge?

There are two main elements to our charges. We charge on delivery for services that help you get up and running, based on the time we spend the experience of the staff assigned. We charge a rental for the use of the AMO platform.

How much does it cost?

That depends. But it will cost you less over time than a person would to do the same job even though AMO is available 24x7, never needs a break, doesn't forget to do things, does what its told and won't leave to go to a competitor.