Need help with CrowdChat software?

So you're using or thinking about using CrowdChat software in your organisation. It is one of over two hundred and fifty different chat software products available on the market today - so let's quickly explore how you can get to the end goal on serving your highest value customers!

Chat software such as CrowdChat software is not new. The first technology that enabled screen-to-screen "chat" communication appeared over forty years ago in the form of a technology called Talkomatic. With billions of messages per day now being seen on chat platforms, and growth rates of 20% per annum, its clear why its popular. Our latest research explores that in more detail.

Let me ask...what customer interactions are you using CrowdChat software for? Do you need help with optimising CrowdChat software? Or maybe you are looking for advice on improving CrowdChat software in your organisation?

We could talk about the fallacy of key performance indicators or content analysis, but in all honesty we need to talk about the strategic direction of chat software and how to solve the resourcing problem, getting your agents and colleagues working on the highest value chats - as well as addressing the out-of-hours market, overseas opportunities and seasonal peaks in demand. Getting your sales agents to work on qualified leads to maximise the opportunity.

Rather than debate and compare features of different products, let's chat about giving your customers the service they demand. Contact today, and we can get you on the path to truly effective chat.