'Traditional sales' faces new challenges

It is harder than ever before to meet with prospects. The purpose of meetings is changing. Online research is the new normal, and first engagement is digital. Many B2B buyers prefer to order without human contact.

Closed doors

Responding to this new age, sellers are advised to:

  • Ensure marketing content and product data is informative and searchable
  • Provide digital channels through which customers can engage with sales
  • Automate repetitive activity such as prospect qualification and mapping needs to solutions
  • Focus staff on relationships, matters of judgement and navigating complex customers

Leading organisations are taking new opportunities to influence. Moving online with dialogue to understand customer needs and providing bespoke advice at the point of purchase. Solutions are configured online. Custom build items are designed.

Digital marketing is now complemented by automated salespeople delivered through advanced software to build revenues in the growing online markets.

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Open doors