60.Services to achieve

Platform and Services

The AMO Platform consists a user interface and management console and is the vehicle through which we deploy to Client websites.

The UI utilises 'chat' best practices to run the dialogue with the customer via a prompt based methodology. This provides the optimum balance for a sales conversation.

The management console provides sales management capabilities including real time 'listen in' plus statistical insights into conversation history.

We deliver Services around the AMO platform to create the 5 Pillars of Automation. We do this in three phases: Discovery, Build and Optimisation.

In the Discovery Phase we assess how to automate sales through People, Product and Process. Included is a review of Client Platform readiness. We recommend deliverables that are achievable noting the budget, timeframe and existing capabilities. Once agreed, we prepare a detailed scope of work and working estimate of costs. The discovery phase is typically 15% of the project.

The Build Phase is split into two main areas: Platform and Training.

Platform services get Clients ready to automate. We prepare systems, data and people.

Training involves configuring our AMO software to work on the Clients Platform to deliver sales automation. This is a cross function project involving:

  • Sales - process and language when communicating with customers
  • Marketing - consistency with the brand
  • Operations - product data and CPQ
  • E-commerce - using website product data, content pages, checkout etc to enable seamless interaction.

Through the Optimisation Phase we monitor and evaluate interactions to tune all aspects of the performance of the digital salesperson.

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