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Do you want fries with that?

You saw the posters, you browsed the board, made your choice and got to the counter…Whether you classify the assistants as salespeople or not, they are certainly well drilled. Make it a meal, go large and of course ‘Would you like fries with that?’

What’s that got to do with you – apart from your diet of course? Take two lessons from a certain hamburger chain. xx

Did you ask for the order?
Did you try to extend the sale?

Bad news. 9 out of 10 of you fail to do that. How do I know? Well as you are reading this I am guessing you also trade online. Only 1 in 10 does any actual selling online.

Now let’s be clear. I know that you all do marketing. That’s like seeing the sign, scanning the poster, looking at the board - we hit the webstore: see the banners, search the products, ignore ‘other people also…’. But to actually sell you are going to have to engage in a dialogue.

The majority of the smart folks out there use webchat. It’s been around for ages, relatively easy to do, and has surprisingly good results. 5x more visitors buy, and they each buy 30% more. Why don’t the other 90% get this? Perhaps it’s because of some of the issues that you get - here are few:

  • You need humans to chat meaning recruitment, training, management
  • They need to answer within 8 seconds even at peak times and out of hours: availability
  • You want to touch every customer (for 5x more buyers): scalability
  • Ask the right questions, in the right way and at the right time: great process quality
  • You have to pay (and retain) them: costs money

I bet you thought that by going digital, you had left these problems behind?

Well just maybe I can help. Here’s an idea. What if you had Digital Salespeople: software that could engage your customers in sales dialogue? What if it was fast to train and easy to deploy? What if it worked with your existing digital assets but was available and scalable to greet every customer, and you could be tuned to optimise results? Are you thinking of the impact of 5x more visitors buying, and their orders each being 30% bigger? Dare to dream.

Get in touch – I promise I won’t ask you if you want fries with that, just how our digital salespeople can help. Email me: rich@amo.ai