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Is Britain becoming a one party state?

I have never been so optimistic about Britain’s future. We, the Brits, have confronted a deep fear and we have had the courage to act – not the politicians but the people. We have revelled in the success of our Olympians who have shown how Britain punches above its weight – by innovating and by leading. We should all feel good. No, not good but GREAT!

But as is so often the case, joy is rarely unbridled. What is happening in our “political world”? No means no. Brexit means Brexit. What is wrong with these people? Nicola Sturgeon may be eloquent but she should understand that politics is the art of the possible – you cannot chose an option that is clearly not available to you. And now Owen Smith: Perhaps arguing for another Brexit referendum is a competitive position against the might of Jeremy ‘I’m too afraid to ask you to move your bag so I can sit down’ Corbyn, but hardly a credible policy. Sidenote: thank you Mr Branson for sharing the truth about JC (the communist, not the son of God).

I recently spent time in Vietnam. They hold regular elections. There is one party. There is no choice but to vote Communist. Is Britain heading that way too with a perpetual Conservative majority? That could spell disaster.

If necessity is the mother of invention
Competition is the father of success

Don’t make any assumptions. I am a capitalist. That’s why I think competition is good. And in British politics it seems to be sadly lacking. So I look again at our Olympians for signals as to what we could or should change. And here is my advice to the “unelectables”:

  1. Be aware of the competition, of course, but concentrate on what you are doing.
  2. Define your own proposition, test and refine: then execute with consistency and speed.

And of course as a leader ensure that you demonstrate these three critical components:

  • Communicate outstandingly
  • Be decisive
  • Act with integrity

Do I see these things on the horizon for the British Labour Party. Sadly no. They fall at the first hurdle and never really get up again. So is there any hope? Well yes, after all…

Politics: its all about the economy stupid!

And there is our salvation. Those of us in business know competition means we have to execute to succeed, which drives our economy and helps our Country move forward. So much so that we look constantly for innovation to help us, and aids to make us more productive - whether that be machinery or computers. After all, software will always concentrate on what it is doing; its proposition is hard coded – by definition it is consistent and typically fast; feedback is easily built in; it can communicate better than most – it has the time to consider its message and cannot be put off its stride or digress; decisiveness is guaranteed; integrity is its purpose. Perhaps software offers lessons too.

And that brings me to my final word: Will artificial intelligence lead to the destruction of humanity? Unlikely any time soon. So to you Jeremy I say this – do the decent thing, step aside, and let artificial intelligence take its turn. After all its better to have a leader of the opposition that is virtual than virtually no opposition!