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Learnings from the 'Brexit' Olympics

What a stunning performance! Heading into day fourteen and we can get right behind our team and make this the most successful Olympics ever for Great Britain.


So, how is it that over a short period GB has become such a sporting powerhouse. Maybe it’s to do with the immigration? I think not – our European counterparts are enjoying far less success than us.

I put it down to two factors that I have heard over and over again in post medal interviews – you know those quick chats when they are still sweating and haven’t yet put their thank you list together. It's these two things that make the difference in whether or not you succeed:

  1. Self-belief
  2. Process


Now this is an interesting one. I reckon that Triathalon has got to be up there in the "most difficult" category. Whilst I have run a marathon, there is no way would I even attempt what these folks do. To see Alistair Brownlee being interviewed barely out of breath is fascinating, and he said something really interesting – he is from Yorkshire so you'd expect it to be blunt and down to earth. His words were:

I’m not a massive fan of the mental thing,
you can only go as hard as you can go

Exactly! He is completely uninhibited. He will go exactly as hard as he actually can. There is zero inhibition holding him back. Is that a link to Brexit?

The thing is that the removal of personal inhibition has spread right across the whole GB team, and that is a major factor in breaking through and achieving these historic performances.


The second huge factor is of course process. Listen carefully to both the cyclists and the rowers. Nerves don’t play a part in the performance in the final:

  • We have a process
  • We have practised our process
  • We know if we execute our process then we will win

Still don’t believe me? After the gold medal ride in the men’s team pursuit and before his sweaty photo with Sir Chris Hoy and Sir Steve Redgrave - Sir Bradley Wiggins said live on air:

…I kept it all in check, and
I just went through the process
one step at a time
not thinking about gold…

And that is it. When you follow a process you know what will happen and you know the result you will get. When you refine the process over and over again, you know you are going to win.

How does this help your company win?

Well hey, I write this blog for a reason, and it's not just because I love you all!

First Self-belief: Across business functions, sales is the one most affected by self-confidence or self-belief. And the reason is just the same, it can cause people to hold themselves back. They don’t ask when they should.

What better way to take the human inhibition out of sales than remove the human?

I know that sounds crazy, but just think about it. Software does what it’s told, and inhibitions will never hold it back.

And second Process: Computers don’t make mistakes. They are not inconsistent. There is bad code that gives the wrong instructions, but the computer is ultimately predictable. So if your success depends upon following a process, making many small refinements and then executing with peerless precision, how better to deliver than through an automated process?.

So if you want to win gold, achieve at the highest level, I suggest you take a careful look at how your organisation sells, and start to plan how you use digital channels.

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