Get a grip on live chat


Take live chat to the next level

Today’s sophisticated customers choose to engage on their own terms and through the most efficient channels available.

Live chat tools have gained traction to out-smart email and phone calls, connecting customers directly to trained operators, often dealing with many calls in parallel.

Do you want to take it to the next level?

Would you gain from always-on availability to capture every customer whenever they want to buy?

Are you looking to achieve higher rates of uplift on conversion?

Do you want increased basket sizes through chat channels?

Here at AMO we know that every business needs sales to succeed. Increasing capacity builds the opportunity. We break out of traditional thinking to look at things in a new way – taking the current best practice and applying it to new situations.

Our mission is to bring your customers the products they want and need, reliably, quickly and easily. Asking the right questions to make an informed decision. Creating value for customers. And doing all this online, delivering what we call ‘Sales as a Service’.

We design pragmatic business solutions that work, harnessing the best expertise within your business.

AMO Live Chat Analysis Service

Live Chat Analysis is an essential ingredient in the ‘Discovery Process’, providing immediate tactical recommendations and an automation readiness base line for strategic transformation.

Our service enables your business to maximise online messaging channel potential.


We deliver an activity and effectiveness check covering:

  • Chat content, language and structure
  • Measurement and attribution
  • Sales approach and outcomes
  • Customer intent frequency
  • Tracking and tagging

You will get a clear view of existing live chat operations. Through our best practice recommendations and identification of high value opportunities, we will work together to optimise this channel, and build a strategic plan to achieve the gains of sales automation in the longer term.

Customers demand live chat: contact today and maximise its success and grow your sales.