/ Engagement

Memorable times

When was the last time you had a really productive conversation? Not a marathon session, but one where you got help, and learnt. Did the other person engage you by asking great questions?

Did you feel they had researched before talking?

And did you easily find a shared topic that built rapport?

We all lead busy lives, and nobody likes having their time wasted. The length or number of conversations is no productivity measure. In a business environment, where we all have objectives and need to solve problems - efficiency and "right first time" are critical.

If you seek somebody's advice on how to solve a problem, you ideally want them to hear you out before offering any possible help.

So when we buy things online why are we bombarded with product feature information from the get go. It's as if you're there, the other party not truly listening, waiting to thrust their next thought into your conscience.

And before you've had a chance to consider what's been said they're off... I believe that before we sell anything, we should make the point to listen... It doesn't take a minute to get to people's real need.

So what's your most memorable customer conversation?

Do you have customers that can instantly recall what was said?