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One less problem...

I started with one problem, and now have over 10,000 right in front of me!

Does online shopping make you feel like that?

With Christmas (and Thanksgiving today) we are forced to experience this feeling ever more as we're constantly being overloaded with choice when buying online.

Some people say I'm just grumpy, but some people have even written books about it (Schwarz, The Paradox of Choice). They have proven that eliminating choice greatly reduces anxiety for buyers.

For other people, they experience phone anxiety when having to call people on the phone or social anxiety when meeting people face to face.

So how do we reduce these anxieties?

How can we make it simple for people?

We must help our customers. One of the most powerful methods is to break it down into a series of steps or dialogue.

Foremost we identify the fuzzy and overlapping needs. That reduces the target choice down; and then by identifying further explicit preferences, it then becomes a simple feature decision between A, B or C; rather than 1 from 1000.

Furthermore, at AMO we've proven that this can be done online.

So let's make our customers lives easy and make it a lot less stressful in the future!