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Pizzas and prototypes

Why do engineers build prototypes based around the pizza theme? Is it because they consume too much of it, or because it's an easy example.

Developers working on Chatbots must have been gorging, and forgotten about the hard stuff – making a real delicacy with proper layered dialogue - a conversation that covers soup to nuts.

Most companies have more than 20 ingredients, so when you scale up to 200, 2000 or 20000 products it's no longer about the technology but more about the dialogue, the behaviour and the knowledge.

If you want it to really work, your Chatbot needs to know many more recipes than pizza alone. It needs the ability to match a recipe precisely to a customer problem. No guesses. No half measures. Your customers are hungry and they want you need to provide a solution.

At https://AMO.ai/, we're passionate about the power of dialogue; getting the conversation just right. Training AMO digital sales assistants to work for you, listen and learn to needs, and offer the right products to your customers.