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Sales like s-e-x

At AMO we believe the Sales E-commerce eXperience should be far better. But we don’t just mean the headline number or margin. We believe the actual process of online sales should be more satisfying, for both the customer and supplier. Let me tickle your brain cells...

I bet your company labels some people with “Marketing” in a job title. And equally I think there will be others with “Sales”. Normally they do different sorts of things. Here are some examples:


Typical activities

  • Getting the message out there
  • Attracting people to get in touch
  • Explaining what your products are, why they are really great and what the value is
  • Predominantly a broadcast activity

Online this means...

  • Blogging, social etc
  • Website and content
  • Telling people stuff with content


Typical activities

  • Listening to what people want and need.
  • Matching what your company has to offer with the requirement and drawing attention * to the value created.
  • Asking for the order, offering extra items.

Online this means...

Notice anything missing? We did too.

Having no digital salespeople not only costs you sales revenue, it makes life a lot harder for your customers to get really satisfied. Particularly in B2B where products need expertise to make the best choice. Some people try and fake it with webchat, and guess what – they see a 5x increase in conversion rates and 30% bigger basket sizes. But we believe in doing a proper job. Digital salespeople by AMO.ai – fulfil your customer’s online desires.