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Can you solve and explain this sales puzzle

Do the maths: Don’t worry if you can’t remember simultaneous equations from school. Suffice to say the Webstore is worth 2 and the Promotion is worth 1.

From there it is pretty easy to see that the Conversation is worth 4.

To understand what that all means, read on....

Hey. This isn't rocket science. This is sales.

If you want to sell online you need a Webstore right? Without it you are likely to struggle a little. Promotions will add to your sales, but are unlikely to do as much as double them, although you never know! And that is why we set the Webstore as worth 2 and the Promotion as worth 1.

What we also know is that business buyers sometimes struggle. How would you know? Well you probably have visitors that can’t find the right products – if you don’t know what you need it’s hard to search for it!

You might also be faced with customers that view items but that don’t buy – not on your site at least. This might be because they are not confident they have the right item, or it could be because they are buying on price.

The third thing you may see is a smaller basket size. Customers buy companion products when they are introduced at the right time and in the right way.

Given that you incur most of your marketing costs getting visitors to your store, it seems a pretty wise move making the best use of your opportunities. That's why we created the AMO digital salesperson.

Online conversations close many more sales – typically double the amount.

And what's more, they increase basket sizes too - typically by 30%. Often adding high margin items that give the best result to the customer. A win:win.

Best of all the AMO digital salesperson is software. It is constantly available, never drops a conversation, and is all round better than a person. Too good to be true? Get in touch and we can show you more.