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Secrets to Leicester City's premier league win: exposed...

It has been the most amazing sporting spectacle I have ever witnessed. From 5000 to 1 rank outsiders, this has not been a mad half hour, but 38 matches played over a 10 month period to come out deserved and clear champions. Truly amazing!

Ranieri, Leicester's manager, who was a mocked figure at the beginning of the season, has followed some simple rules. He has set small, achievable goals – to avoid relegation his first – and he has focussed on the next game. Often quoted as ‘Well I don’t know about that’, and ‘No, the others are favourites’. And that most prolific of premier league managerial phrases - ‘In this moment’.

Well done Leicester City.

So what can you learn?

Well I think we can all learn from the modest and self-effacing attitude. Ranieri has admirers now.

And no doubt from the fine teamwork where the whole is far greater than the sum of the parts.

But in this context I am most interested in how the club stayed focussed on the job whilst the prima donnas became distracted. Above all Leicester have stayed in the moment. Or in business speak, they have stayed in the room, focussed on their job.

Staying in the Room

Of course, in these days where trade interactions are dominated by digital channels, that is easier said than done. Sure, as a personal trait, we can execute with focus, but there are other more subtle interpretations.

Sales is in no small part about relationships. Those relationships are best nurtured face to face - in the same room.

The role of an account manager is principally about that. To look after the relationship with a customer, and to take care of the things that will nurture it. To ensure a customer is well advised, and making the right purchases, to bring to attention those products or services from which they would benefit, and to deal with all the nitty gritty admin required to keep the wheels turning.

If there is no ‘Room’ – such as out on the web?

Well for your business to thrive in this digital age, when over half of contacts are made over the web, it is critical to find a way. To be in that ‘virtual room’ with the customer at the point of purchase. To deliver that advice, make that promotion, respond to that enquiry, and all round manage the relationship.