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Selling online in B2B: prioritise feelings or needs?

I'm seeing a lot of Customer Engagement marketing at the moment. I find it dispiriting. When you talk about how to enhance customer experience in e commerce its not all about feelings - the facts: meeting the real customer needs should be central to your customer engagement strategy.

Its lovely to be treated nicely, but it is no substitute for real expertise delivering help, service and advice.

Of course you like to feel welcome. But ultimately you have to get the job done. Buy what you need.

Why focus on a the 'customer journey', when the customer is focused on the destination!

I fear that the digital economy is becoming the bullshit economy. Marketeers peddling nonsense content to cover over the technologists lack of delivery.

Do not overlook that your customer has opted for a digital exchange. They are visiting your website and not your office. This is an interaction that is based on need and designed for speed and convenience.

AI is a marvelously powerful technology. But using it to improve search is, in my opinion, completely missing the point. Most people already know how to search. If they know what they want, most people are capable of finding it.

I don't need AI to improve my searching. I don't need greater certainty of what other customers did when they typed the same as me. They aren't me. They probably didn't need what I need.

I don't want you to guess. Or even worse broadcast your message at me as if you know best. I want you to bloody well ask. Why don't people get that? I'm happy to tell you.

I am even more happy for your questions to help me understand what I had not considered.

If at the end of the process, through a skillful sales dialogue you have opened me up like a can and offered me a solution that is a perfect match, then I am a happy camper. You have solved my problem. Helped me create value. Price is no longer my concern.

Its time that online customers were allowed to move on from marketeers broadcast generalities, search engine 'most people also bought', and started to receive the personal attention of a skilled and experienced sales person, delivered digitally, 24x7.

In that way customers will be buying solutions to their problems. Purchasing will be quick, easy and accurate.

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