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Visitors not buying? This is better than live chat...

All companies selling online face this problem – attracting traffic which then simply fails to convert into sales. Of course there are always reasons. Maybe it's as simple as you just don't sell what they need. But don't forget, something brought the visitor to your online store in the first place. So when visitors don't buy what do you do next?

The type of goods you sell may shape how you view things. Perhaps if you sell items that people are familiar with, or where the buyer can buy, try and then return, you may be justified in concluding that you don't offer what they really want. Although you will probably still be thinking about your customer engagement strategy and how to sell more.

It’s a slightly different ball game for business or B2B purchases, particularly if the buyer knows what they WANT TO DO but does not know WHAT TO BUY.

In this instance, it is far more likely that you are failing to sell properly. Try two basic steps; firstly understand the need, and secondly connect it to a solution.

Marketing based solutions go some of the way to delivering – website content can provide explanations and case studies, but need the customer to invest time in connecting their need to your solution through your carefully presented research.

Both live chat and phone provide an opportunity to engage and discuss, but need skilled resources to be effective, which are often costly and scarce. Believe it or not companies leave over 20% of live chat requests unanswered, and many are operational for less than 33% of your stores 24/7 opening hours.

There is also the omni channel marketing debate. Some claim live chat has gone past its sell by date? For me this lacks credibility. If you answer a customers questions promptly and accurately, what is the motivation to switch channels. They came to your website so why now use a third party platform such as messenger? I don't believe this latest marketing trends positioning from hubspot

AMO.ai captures its clients’ sales processes and product information into its software and harnesses expertise to enable automated interactions akin to live chat: progressive Q&A with visitors to make sure they become customers. This is no run of the mill chatbot!

Simply put AMO takes the problems your prospective customers will be facing, uses engaging questioning techniques and answer prompts to walk them through the important considerations, highlight the available solutions, and offer the products that need to be bought…. AMO even puts products in the basket ready to order. Why should your visitors go anywhere else?

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